We have teamed up with local charity Animal Rescue Cymru to help them rescue and rehome even more dogs.

Our brand is inspired by the tale of the Devil’s Bridge, where a local woman tricked the devil with the help of her cheeky dog.

So we wanted to help dogs in real life and we have been quietly working together on our ideas.

Now Devil’s Bridge Rum are fully funding a kennel for Animal Rescue Cymru and taking care of the doggy resident, while helping to find potential homes with appeals on their website.

Our first Devil’s Bridge Rum dog, Kayzer, has now been rehomed – we are delighted our partnership with Animal Rescue Cymru has got off to such a successful start.

Thanks to Kayzer’s new family for adopting him – and it’s time to meet our next Devil’s Bridge Rum dog, the lovely Cassie.

Cassie requires a very special home, so please carefully read the info on her and check her out